We recognize that every business is different and each business model will be plagued by different problems. That’s why DCMBEC’s services are all designed to fit specifically in one of three categories.

1. Providing access to capital
    • Funding Needs Assessment
    • Financial Restructuring
    • Loan Packaging
    • Facilitate Equity Investing
    • Bonding
    • Venture Capital

2. Providing access to markets
    • Contract Capacity Assessment
    • Marketing Assessment
    • Access to Procurement Opportunities (Public & Private Sector)

3. Increasing organizational efficiencies
    • Growth Strategy
    • Business Strategy
    • Business Plan Development
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Plan Development
    • Operational Audit
    • Financial Performance Review

The Process
During the intake process, DCMBEC conducts a thorough review in order to identify your business needs. A consultant will evaluate your firm to determine your eligibility, performing an in-depth assessment to get to know your business. After the initial assessment, we conduct a site visit to learn more about your business environment. After all assessments are complete, we present a proposal for services.

In order to take advantage of our services, DCMBEC clients must be located within the National Capital Region, must be for-profit entities and at least 51% minority-owned. In addition, our clients must be rapid-growth companies generating $500,000 or more in annual revenues.

Capital Procurement
Lack of capital is too often a barrier to business. When firms do manage to get financing, many are forced to operate with several loans and pay exorbitant interest rates. DCMBEC works with our clients to provide alternatives. We help minority business owner’s secure low-interest loans and other forms of affordable financing. We also help clients win contracts by eliminating the prior barriers that have rendered them ineligible in the past.

Market Entry
DCMBEC has a great deal of experience in providing consulting services in the private and public sector arena. We will leverage our combined relationships and contacts in all sectors for the benefit of our clients. For those businesses currently serving as sub-contractors to major companies, we can eliminate the middleman. For business owners who have been previously unsuccessful in setting up pivotal meetings, we can leverage our network to set up appointments with key professionals in desired companies or agencies.

And our service doesn’t stop there. We attend meetings with our clients and can even negotiate on their behalf.

At DCMBEC, implementation matters, and we stick with each client until we see results.

Increasing Efficiency
After initially assessing your business processes, we spend time with you on a regular basis to identify your specific problems. We can help you create the efficiency that will reduce the overtime costs from clients working longer hours than necessary. We can work with you to develop standardized operating procedures to provide the consistency which, over time, will improve your cash-flow.

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